Thursday, October 10, 2019


A mother will shield her son from violence and harm's way.

No matter what it takes because a mother who knows what pain is and she has endured many pain during pregnancy to bear her son into this world.

No man shall hurt her son with unreasonable and irresponsible violence just because that man does not know how to be mature enough to manage his angry reaction and has no loving understanding. Unrepentant, irresponsible, stubborn anger unmanaged. Yes, not even the human who should be responsible in protecting her and her son in the first place.

Her daddy is watching you.


God sees and knows what you did.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Woke Up At 3AM

I like waking up at 3AM when it is all quiet and there is still strong water pressure in our faucet letting me do chores faster before the little guy wakes up. 

Today though I did not intend to wake up early at that time. But I had a dream and for some reason I woke up at exactly 3AM on the clock as I stared at the wall clock when I opened my eyes.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Disney's Live Action Movie Alladin 2019

My boys and I watched Alladin the movie, the Walt Disney pictures live action fantasy-musical 2019 version with Will Smith playing the role of the genie in the lamp. He was fairly good at playing the role of the genie in the movie. Robin Williams was the voice of the genie in the original1992 animated film and so this movie is somehow said to be a tribute to him.