Monday, April 06, 2015

Lady's Choice Ham Spread + Rebisco Crackers

Lady's Choice Ham Spread + Rebisco Crackers = delicious summer afternoon snacks bite after bite!

I think it is best eaten when shared with love with my little bossing at home while watching one of our favorite animated movies in my Macky. Sometimes a pack is not enough and we consume two each or three shared.

Through the many years the love for Lady's Choice spread and products still lives through the generations.

Sunday, April 05, 2015


Summer means having more time to do stuff here and there. Yet I am more busy with my little guy, my boss here at home and mostly with me almost all the time now. Now I have a little free time while the little guy is busy watching a movie. I am helping my cousin and her friend look for a particular fender bass neck. They are having a few gigs in various places this summer where they can earn and save up some money for their college tuition fee.

I would wish to help them and I remember one store that I was able to look into before when I was looking for a smaller sized guitar fit for my little guy to carry and play. I once found replacement necks. It will be easier to find what they are looking for online. Hope they will be able to find it sooner so they can go on with their upcoming gigs.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Five More School Days To Go

Five more school days to go or specifically four and a half days to go and we're off to summer vacation. Though we're hoping to go back on the 24th and 26th of this month, after the last final exam on the 12th, we can now start our school summer vacation. A much needed break for my dear little guy and the parents like us who am sure are looking forward to summer vacation as well.

Today will be their final Chinese exam. I am praying he will get a perfect score or at least no more than two mistakes. He did well on his last Chinese quiz getting a perfect score. Praise God for this blessing! I could not help much with Chinese. I could help just a little with the writing part but with the oral tests, I leave that to a Chinese teacher at school who helps him out.

Final quizzes today and on Monday. Then final exams will be on Wednesday and Thursday. No more exam in Science for the Grade 2 and 1 as well. But the Grade 1 still has an exam on Friday while we are free by Friday already. The next few days will be quite stressful reviewing.

We pray he will find it easy and will be very cooperative when it is time to study and review.

May the Lord bless and help us especially our dear little guy!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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