Friday, September 05, 2014


We pass by this dog care salon every now and then and when we are not in a hurry to where we are going and when the little guy is with us, we try to stop by and watch how the staff groom the dogs at this dog salon in the city. They also have another branch nearby.

My friend's son was looking for a dog salon recently and I remember this particular salon when they were telling me they need to have their dog groomed and treated. They mentioned as they were looking for a particular medicine for their other pet dog that has been sick lately. 

It's their newest addition to their dog family and unfortunately got sick. Being pet and dog lovers ever since, they treat their dogs like any family member who might get sick so they shower them with as much love, care and concern too. After all dogs are man's best friend. 

Saturday, August 09, 2014

It's Saturday

Woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning and we could hear the sound of music playing from a nearby place. Since we moved last week, we often wake up to the sound of music playing from that place. It's lively and we could hear the music clearly from where we are. I think they use great amplifiers similar to what I have seen at Musicians friend where you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. I used to browse before when I was looking for a small sized guitar for my dear little guy last summer break from school.

It's Saturday and enjoying a long weekend break at school after the little guy's exams. I hope the weekend won't go by so fast. I want to enjoy our more relaxed weekend after we moved here. Settled most and we're going to get done moving all our stuff from the old place today.

It's a beautiful Saturday and I could still hear the music playing. Now time to go out and prepare so we can turnover the key to D one of the new caretakers. Enjoy your Saturday!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Save Up

A few days ago my dear little guy asked if he can have a new watch. The husband has been using the watch we bought before for the little guy. The little guy is asking now if he can have a new one this coming school year. He does have two toy watches that he can use actually but he wants to have a something more like a real watch and not just for kids. 

I will start to save up for that I told him and I asked him to help me save too by not asking for toys to buy for the meantime and he quite agreed to it. I started looking for a good watch for kids his age right now until I came across some.... and a few other brands that made me think why not buy a new watch for the husband as well when the budget will allow us too. I quite amused that he likes wearing the little guy's watch actually since his own old watch broke down after a few years of use. Good thing I still have my own watch to use. I just have to save up for them. 

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