Friday, February 28, 2014


 When my friend told me she is planning to buy a keyboard for her teenage son, I thought she meant a computer keyboard since his son is a computer whiz. It turned out that she wanted to buy him an electric piano keyboard. I then thought of that yamaha motif xf8 from musicians friend which breaks new ground with Flash memory expansion capabilities that will set the standard for keyboard workstations for years to come. I was browsing through that the other day while we were waiting for the kid's dismissal from school.  

A couple of days ago, I also saw two Ateneans on their way to school with the guy carrying a piano keyboard which they placed at the back of the black taxi they had to ride to school. My little guy saw them and even asked if we can have that one as well.Well I can only wish for now.

I am torn between a keyboard or guitar. Actually a guitar seems more affordable at this point. Yet I thought learning to play the piano this summer with my little guy would be a great idea too. What would you choose for your son to learn this summer? A guitar or a keyboard?


TGIFriday! Two more weeks of school and we are officially off to summer vacation break from school. We are looking forward to summer already especially for moms and guardians who want to take a break from our daily rush routine during school days. 

Yes a lot of us are looking forward to take a break from the routine morning rush, avoiding the traffic and the pressure from academics. Yes moms do get pressured too helping our sons study for quizzes and doing assignments, etc.

Two more Fridays after this and were off to summer vacation. Hooray!

Last Night

Last night when it was quiet, I could hear someone strumming a guitar nearby. It is a welcome sound and music for me that I could hear as the night grew deeper and quieter. It was relaxing to hear the guitar strums which I assume must be coming from one of our neighbors. 

Last night I was quietly working and browsing about this great bedell guitar that my cousin was asking me about a couple of days ago, when I started hearing the music from the guitar. My mind wandered once again to that thought of the little guy taking guitar lessons hopefully this summer. 

I pray I could finance the fee for the guitar lessons. Last night I was praying the universe will conspire to bring forth blessings that will make that happen. Who knows one day my little guy will be the one filling our nights with music from playing his own guitar.

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